Electroplating Heat Dissipation Phone Case-Compatible With MagSafe Version

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New Generation Technology | Electroplating heat dissipation Design

Keep your phone cool with this ultra-thin PC case for iPhone. Its heat dissipation technology ensures your phone won’t overheat, even during extended use, so you’ll never worry about “hot hands” again. It’s the perfect combination of protection and convenience.

About the Design

Crafted from high-quality electroplated materials, the elegant silhouette is designed to bring long-lasting stylish style and a slim grip to any occasion. The gradient feeling of the material adds an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

Corning Glass Lens Protection

The 8K high-definition independent explosion-proof lens protection cover has advanced impact and anti-scratch protection functions to protect the lens from scratches. Long-term use will not affect the photographic quality.

Reason For Choice

  • Luxurious comfort and timeless appeal
  • 8K High-definition Independent Lens
  • Full Coverage of Cooling Holes
  • Anti-fouling, waterproof and scratch-resistant coating
  • Thin as 0.4mm
  • material:pc

Excellent Heat Dissipation

Innovative cooling vents help reduce surface temperature, providing superior protection and temperature regulation for your phone. It keeps the temperature better no matter how long your phone is working.

Stands The Test of Time

The design is as thin as 0.4mm, and it conforms to the ergonomic grip, making it closer to the feel of a bare phone. An anti-fingerprint coating has been added to the surface, so you can stay clean forever.

Question 1: Is the  360° truly compatible with all wireless chargers?

Answer: Yes,  360° is designed to be 100% compatible with all types of wireless chargers.

Question 3: Is the Phone Case durable and resistant to shocks and drops?

Answer: Yes, the Phone Case 360° offers robust 360° protection for your iPhone using high-quality aluminum and protective glass.

Question 4: Is it difficult to put on or take off the case?

Answer: No, not at all. The Phone Case 360° is designed for easy use and can be quickly and smoothly put on or taken off your iPhone.

Question 5: Which iPhone models does the Phone Case 360° fit?

Answer: The Phone Case 360° is compatible with several iPhone models. Please check the product specifications or contact us to verify compatibility with your specific model.

The Logo on the phone can be seen through the cooling vents

Electroplating Heat Dissipation Phone Case-Compatible With MagSafe Version
Electroplating Heat Dissipation Phone Case-Compatible With MagSafe Version
Original price was: $23.32.Current price is: $14.98. Select options