Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra


Dr. Ethan Reynolds ‘ team used innovative 3D molding technology on the Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra, combining ion therapy, far-infrared therapy, and absinthe therapy to embed tourmaline into absinthe-soaked seaweed fibers without the need for electricity or Other sources of energy can produce energy . Multiple tourmaline points can generate 100,000-300,000 energy units per hour, stimulating more than 800 reflex points in the chest . The far- infrared rays produced by tourmaline , combined with the absinthe embedded in seaweed fibers, can release mugwort factors and seaweed negative oxygen factors , providing users with multi-dimensional massage and stimulation.

Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra can help you complete your weight loss plan. Even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a healthy and balanced diet, 80% of far-infrared therapy can help you achieve your ideal weight . These shorts help increase metabolism, detoxify the body and eliminate accumulated cellulite and edema . It can also help you quickly get into shape, making your waist and abdomen tighter.

Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra

According to New York Medicine, the trace elements in tourmaline can enhance the permeability of cell membranes and facilitate the absorption of tissue fluid by lymphatic vessels . Therefore, the trace elements , mugwort factor and seaweed negative oxygen factor released by Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra can prevent the obstruction of lymphatic channels , help lymphatic detoxification, and eliminate lymph swelling and lymph node nodes.

LuckySong™ Ion Lifting Correction Lymphvity Detoxification Bra generates high-frequency vibration through the action of far-infrared rays, transporting mugwort factors and negative ions to breast tissue, thereby activating thymocytes and enhancing breast fullness; at the same time, it can repair the Cooper’s Ligaments of the breast, thereby tightening sagging breasts . That’s why it can enlarge or lift your breasts while losing weight.

Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra has the following product:

Packing list:

  • ●Material: Tourmaline fiber, Seaweed fiber
  • ●Color: Black/Pink/Gray/Beige
  • ●Size: S/ M/ L/ XL/ 2XL/ 3XL/ 4XL/ 5XL(High elasticity, suitable for 80-400 pounds)
  • ●Seamless integrated compression structure
  • Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra
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Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra
Elrosoy™ Lift & Shape Bra
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