EMS Arm Shaper


Work out even when you’re just relaxing!!

EMS Arm Shaper

Get rid of flabby arms so effortlessly! Target saggy underarm fat effectively and tone biceps and triceps area using our EMS Arm Shaper. 

Its advanced EMS technology stimulates the muscles and facilitates the growth of connective tissues beneath the arms and the collagen under the skin making it the most effortless arm exercise!
EMS Arm Shaper

With just a press of a button, you can also define and tone different parts of your body, not just your arms! Work out literally anytime anywhere as it’s easy to carry and super lightweight.


✔ Powerful Arm Shaper: Burns fat using EMS Advanced Technology which can accurately locate your arm fat and create muscle contraction for an effective shaping.
✔ Effortless to Use: Define your biceps and triceps through ems without extensive workout. Our EMS shaper can be used during other activities as well as just relaxing.
✔ Adjustable Intensity: You can choose different intensity levels out of 6 depending on your preference and training modes.
EMS Arm Shaper✔ Self-Adhesive Design: Features hydrogel patch that transfers the pulse effectively to the muscles.
✔ Portable & Lightweight: Super lightweight, ultra-thin design, and convenient to carry. Powered by replaceable batteries.

✔ Wide Application: EMS Arm shaper can also be used for different parts of the body as well as a soothing massager for tensed muscles.


  1. Attach the host to the patch.
  2. Remove the transparent film.
  3. Patch it on your desired area.
  4. Press ON/INC to turn on.
  5. Select Program key to adjust the intensity and use ON/INC again to increase strength or OFF/DEL to reduce.
    EMS Arm Shaper


Powered by: 2 Batteries (AAA)


1 x EMS Arm Shaper

EMS Arm Shaper
EMS Arm Shaper
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