Enhance Your Holiday Dining


Enhance Your Holiday Dining
Enhance Your Holiday Dining

ğŸŽ„Christmas Decoration: With lovely christmas element, it is very suitable as festive tableware to bring more festive atmosphere.

  • Practical: cartoon spoons/forks are very suitable for families, bars, parties and other gatherings. The beautifully shaped tableware will impress your guests.

  • Easy to clean: Our tableware can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, and the surfaces is smooth and easy to clean.

  • Multi-function: The long handle spoon is very suitable for stirring coffee, milk shakes, ice cream, etc. The fork is suitable for appetizers, desserts, mini cake, seafood, etc., and can also be used as a small salad fork and tasting fork .

  • High-quality materials: These mixing spoons/forks are made of food-grade alloy, with smooth-surface and no burrs, which will not hurt your hands and mouth, and can be used safely for a long-time.

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