Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar


What Causes Hair Graying

Hair graying is the loss of hair color that causes them to turn white, silver, or gray and is known to be one of the visible signs of aging that affects everyone of any race. This development occurs when the pigment producing cells in our hair follicles or the melanocytes, gradually die as we grow older. Allowing the strands of the hair to contain and produce much less melanin than they usually were and becomes more transparent, thus, turning gray. Furthermore, with the  natural cycle of dying and being regenerated, less producing colored hair is more likely to bring out gray regrowths. Though white or graying hair is a characteristic of aging, a colorless lock can appear at an early age or also known as premature graying, due to various common factors. These include genetics, stress, anxiety, autoimmune disease, thyroid disorders, smoking, vitamin B-12 deficiency, and so on.

Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar

In addition, a person’s hairstyle color plays an essential role in people’s physical appearance and his/hers perception to one’s self. Graying hair is considered unattractive for many as it is  one of the initial and most noticeable signs of human aging. This is why we introduce you to our rapid gray hair-reversing bar! A highly-effective, non-chemical solution that successfully reverses all white or graying stands back to their natural and youthful healthy tone in no time.

8-week Gray Hair Reversing Product: A Dye-free, At-home Solution to Tackle Hair Graying!

An ultimate, scientifically approved anti hair gray potent bar that remarkably delays melanin dysfunction and combats premature graying with exceptional efficacy. It deeply infiltrates through each strand and targets from within the roots, using its ‘he shou wu’ packed groundbreaking formula to prompt the re-activation of the production of melanocytes. Thus, stimulating and restoring all damaged or resting melanin to successfully reverse the pigmentation of your natural hair hue. In addition, this anti-gray hair bar also encourages the boost in the scalp’s blood circulation to deliver essential oxygen and nutrients for the tresses. Allowing them nourishes both the scalp and hair and increases the amounts of melanin to prevent unwanted premature graying.

This gray reversing hair bar is enriched with antioxidants that work actively to neutralize the free radicals which are one of the major reasons behind premature gray locks. It also effectively helps in slowing down the initial onset of gray hair new growths and regrowths. Moreover, the hair bar promotes an all-rounded hair care that moisturizes parching stands with proper amounts of hydration with long-lasting results. Providing fine tresses with gorgeous, natural vibrancy and exceptional smoothness feel to keep dull-looking and drying strands at bay. This hair graying reverse bar does not pose any sort of irritations or breakage and is suitable for all hair types of any hair color. Achieve that revitalize locks and youthful, natural color in only 6 weeks without the need of expensive hair dyeing and toxic chemical application!

Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar

Highlighted Benefits: 

  • Fully reverses white or graying strands back to their natural, youthful hue in only 8 weeks
  • Stimulates the production of melanocytes 
  • Delays and prevent unwanted premature hair graying
  • Rapidly boost the scalp’s blood flow to nourish and increase the amounts of melanin through the hair
  • Actively to neutralizes the onslaught of hair gray causing free radicals
  • Promotes an all-rounded hair care moisturization and hydration to fully protects and conditions each strands
  • Revitalizes the locks and brings back its natural, healthy vibrancy to combat dull-looking hair appearance
  • Formulated with an all-natural anti-gray hair ingredients, including he shou wu (black-haired Mr. He)
  • Works with great efficacy and immediate result to all hair types for both men and women of any hair color
  • No expensive hair dying or harmful chemical application required
  • Quick foaming soap

Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar


  • Main ingredients:  Fo Ti (He Shou Wu), Panax GInseng, Black Sesame, Bamboo Charcoal, Shea Butter
  • Net weight: 80g


  • 1/2/4/10PCS x Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar

Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar

Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar
Esrever™ Rapid Gray Hair Reversing Fo-Ti Bar
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