Ethereal Drum

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Ethereal Drum

Find your center through the beautiful sound of Ethereal Drum.

Seeking the sounds of the islands? Or looking for some serenity?

Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum is here and ready to blow you away with its amazingly smooth sound!

Featuring a 6-inch drum with 8 tunes, you can do as many compositions as you want.

This fine Alloy carbon steel tongue drum will make you feel like you’ve taken a miniature vacation to someplace where stress can’t find you.

It is perfect for all ages and musical abilities.

Whether you’re an advanced musician or just starting out, the Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum is definitely something everyone should try!


⭐ Transport your soul to a calm, healing place with a soothing sound that is perfect for:

✔️ Personal meditation and relaxation

✔️ Yoga practice

✔️ Music therapy

✔️ Performances, duets, soundtracks

✔️ Religious activities

✔️ And more!

⭐ Enhances Cognitive Development In Children

The Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum is great for igniting all areas of child development, as it helps them get their body and mind working together. This improves their concentration, motor skills, rhythm, creativity, and more.

⭐ Relieves Stress In Adults

Overworked and stressed? The Ethereal Steel Tongue Drum produces beautiful and relaxing melodies that calm your mind, relieve stress, and elevate your mood.

⭐ What You Get
Ethereal Drum
Ethereal Drum
Original price was: $118.23.Current price is: $59.23. Select options