EVO Portable Shaver

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EVO Portable Shaver


EVO Razor- The Revolutionary Ceramic Blade Portable Shaver

Stay perfectly groomed with ceramic blades that won’t go dull for years, stay clean and rust-free.


Tired of replacing your razor? Diamond-sharp ceramic blades won’t go dull for years and stay clean & rust-free. Combined with ultra-thin mesh, Evo Shaver will completely remove every hair beneath it.

Evo Shaver uses zirconium dioxide ceramic blades. This material is used for precision cutting and is well known for its superior performance. With hardness exceeding even the best steel, it will stay razor-sharp for years without sharpening. Combined with 0.05mm ultra-thin stainless steel mesh and a 6000 RPM high-speed motor, Evo Shaver will remove each hair from the root perfectly.

Say goodbye to these:



You can throw away all your razors and shavers as Evo Shaver is the only one you need.

Evo Shaver follows a minimalistic design, focusing on providing the best shaving experience with the smallest and lightest profile. We also believe a good shaver should always be ready to do their job.

The stubby shape of Evo Shaver differs from others. It is tiny yet sturdy enough to withstand rough handling. You can simply throw it into your toiletries bag, and have it carried-on or checked-on for flight.

This is why Evo Shaver has some of the longest standby times and will always work even when the battery is recharging. Quick recharge through USB-C.


The ceramic blade has seen widespread use in precision cutting tasks. With its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is gaining popularity in the kitchen as cooking knives and scissors, as well as various surgical tools in the operating room. It is exceptionally sharp, long-lasting, and requires little care.


Ceramic blades are made with zirconium oxide. This is a strong material that is built to last especially in utility knives and cutters, which means it will stay sharp and retain its cutting edge for much longer without having to replace your blades.



Ceramic blades are chemically inert and far more resistant to harmful substances than steel. While metal requires a set of protective coating to avoid premature corrosion, ceramics never rust. You just need to splash the blade under water after use to keep it clean. It is also safe for anyone with an allergy to metal.

 You will save money on shaving by choosing Evo Shaver!

For most electric shavers, the metal mesh that leans against your face is more than 0.15 mm thick. The stainless steel mesh of Evo Shaver is just 0.07 mm. Generally speaking, the thinner the mesh, the cleaner the shave. Evo Shaver provides a closer and more comfortable shave, while the mesh will still protect you from getting cut.


With a 6000 RPM high-torque motor which is 50% faster the speed of common electric shavers, Evo Shaver can provide a quick and smooth shave. You will find shaving a whole new experience with Evo Shaver.



“No one wants a bulky old electric shaver that is difficult to transport.”

Evo Shaver is small enough for you to clean up your beard anytime, anywhere, helping you to look sharp all the time. Evo Shaver is only the size of an egg and you can bring it wherever you want, it even fits in your pocket.

We are able to pack the powerful motor, triple ceramic blade, and rechargeable battery into a small size. Evo Shaver is smaller than your average pepper bottle with no external accessory needed. Just slip it into your Dopp kit before leaving!




Unlike steel, ceramic does not rust and mold does not grow on it easily, just twist to remove the blade mesh and wash it under the tap, or use the brush included in the package to clean those tiny stubble stuck in the shaver blade. Easy-Peasy! It is chemically inert and doesn’t rely on a protective coating, so you can use any shaving product without fear of corrosion.




Hold the power button for 3 seconds to enter the Safety Lock Mode. This will avoid Evo Shaver from accidentally switching on and makes it perfectly safe in your bag. You can simply hold the power button for 3 more seconds to quit this mode. With this feature, you will never worry about it starting by itself in your pocket or bag.



Evo Shaver is powered by a highly efficient rechargeable battery embedded inside the body. With excellent storage and leak-proof properties, combined with the low-friction motor, it stores enough power for 20 times shaving of average duration. On average trips, you can basically forget about recharging your shaver!

You do not need to recharge Evo Shaver every time. In fact, you do not even need to recharge it every week! The motor we use is so efficient that it can shave for at least 20 times before requiring a recharge. Recharge can be done with any USB-C cable and completes in 1.5 hours. You may as well use it like a manual razor, since you won’t need to charge it on most trips anyway. (emergency charge, charge 3 mins for 10 mins usage)

Evo Shaver has a Type-C USB port that you can charge with a wall charger, power bank, or even your laptop through any USB cable. So even if the battery does drain, you can recharge it easily. On top of this, Evo Shaver can continue shaving even when it is being recharged!



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