Extendable Back Scratcher


Extendable Back Scratcher
Extendable Back Scratcher

This little thing helps you scratch back easily!


  • NO MORE ITCHY BACK – The best back scratcher & massagers, you’ll find, Stainless steel back scratcher with telescoping handle

  • WIDELY USED – Great for back or anywhere else, such as bursitis, arthritis, your elbows, shoulders or back. Helps you reach hard-to-reach places. It can help you eliminate the pressure, anxiety, and boredom.
  • STURDY MATERIAL – Back scratcher claw is made from 100% stainless steel – metal that will never rust, bend, break, or deteriorate with age.

  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Easily fits into a pocket or purse. you can take them with you anywhere, Perfect for storage or travel.

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