EZ Gradient Nail Art Paint Brush


Easily Create Colorful Gradient Colors on Nails!

Make nails a canvass with this EZ Gradient Nail Art Paint Brush

Fine Fiber Bristles

Securely attached fiber bristles ensure comfort and spotless coloring all the time. Easily washable for the next color combination. When ideas strike, take this brush and paint nails!

Comfortable & Ergonomic Handle

The handle on this brush is designed with comfort and ease of mind. Fits hand very well just like painting on a canvass. Guaranteed smooth flow of nail colors.

Endless Gradient Combination

Perfectly design smooth color gradient nails. Create stunning nail art to show and impress. Imagination is the limit with this brush to create that perfect color hue. You can now change nail colors anytime a unique way.

Easily Get Into Narrow Areas Around Nails

Create beautiful nail art in SECONDS! Get into tight areas around the nails for full coverage. The bristles are flexible to smoothly follow curves around the nails.

Create Gradient Color For Pretty Nail Art!
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Material: Fiber

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EZ Gradient Nail Art Paint Brush
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