Fingertip Gyro Cube

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Fingertip Gyro Cube

This is definitely the coolest puzzle game you have ever seenļ¼

Help Relive Stress, Improve Your Mood!

Both adults and children need it

Take it with you and let it take away your stress when working in the office when you are upsetļ¼

Our Toys CanĀ HelpĀ Relive Stress, Improve Your MoodĀ and Perfect For Those With ADD, ADHD, Autism etc.Ā As An Intelligence Toy, The Cube Mode CanĀ Inspire Your Imagination and Enhance Your Eyes and Hands Coordination Skills.

āœ…Cultivate kidsā€™ concentration

Say goodbye to obsession.Distract attention and say goodbye to all sorts of bad little moves and little habits.

āœ…Handmade, premium design

It is absolutely safe for children to useļ¼Quality is what we thrive off, Our cube fidget spinners are all handmade with original POM ABS materials which means no fading, peeling or poisonous. When you first touch these spinners you will realise how addicting and smooth it is to touch.Ā We do not use stickers, We only use premium materials.

āœ…Small and Portable

Compact design. You can take it with you whenever or wherever you are, just have fun and enjoy this moment. Easy to hold it by one hand.

Two ways of playing, you will get two kinds of happinessļ¼

1.Puzzle Spinnerā€œ1x3x3ā€ā€“ The fidget puzzle can be used as a 1x3x3 floppy cube. Smooth turning and easy to play. Turn it without any effort.

2.Ā Spinner Fidget Toy – Cool fidget spinner with 1x3x3 cube design. Spin quite silently and smoothly. Suitable for classroom or office use. Help boost your concentration and improve your focus with its soothing spins calming for anxious people.

ā­ Specificationā­

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 5.5 * 5.5 * 2cm
  • Color: classic

ā­Package Includesā­

  • 1 * Finger Rubic’s Cube
Fingertip Gyro Cube
Fingertip Gyro Cube