FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support


FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

More Than Just Support
It’s Your Bridge to Regaining Shoulder Strength and Mobility.

FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

  1. Personalized Support: offers adjustable straps for a tailored fit, ensuring optimal comfort and compression.
  2. Universal Fit: Designed for all body types, it’s reversible for use on either shoulder.
  3. Durability: Made with robust neoprene and reinforced stitching, FlexiStrap® lasts through rigorous activities.
  4. Pain Relief and Stability: Provides necessary compression and stability for relief and injury prevention.


  • Designed to speed up the recovery process after injury or surgery
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • It provides compression and stability
  • It helps prevent further injury

Testimonial from Dr. James Carter, Physical Rehabilitation Specialist “As a physical rehabilitation specialist, I’ve integrated the FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support into many recovery plans. Observations have shown that approximately 80% of patients undergoing rehabilitation for shoulder injuries or surgeries have benefited from enhanced mobility and strength. The support’s adjustability aligns well with our patient-centric approach to rehabilitation.

Patients grappling with shoulder discomfort reported relief from the very first day using the Compression Shoulder Brace by AgeRelief.
Experienced alleviation from their shoulder issues after 2 weeks of consistent use (wearing the brace for an average of 2 hours/day).
Is there anything you want to ask? We Protect You
1. How long should I wear my shoulder brace? The length of time you need to wear your shoulder brace depends on the severity of your condition. Typically in the early stages of treatment it is best to wear the brace as much as possible; Gradually reduce use as your symptoms improve. Once your symptoms improve, wear it only during activities that may strain your shoulder.
2. Can my shoulder support be worn on the right or left? Yes, our shoulder support is designed to be worn on the left or right shoulder.
3. Should the shoulder support be tight? Your shoulder support brace should fit comfortably but not be uncomfortably tight. It should allow free arm movement while remaining securely in place.
4. Can I wear my shoulder support while sleeping? Yes, our shoulder support is suitable to be worn during sleep.
5. Does my shoulder support support hot/cold therapy? Definitely! Our shoulder support has a handy pocket where you can place a hot or cold pad for added comfort and relaxation.
6. What is the size of the shoulder support? Our shoulder support is one size fits all. You can easily adjust the straps to get a comfortable and secure fit.
7. Can I wear my shoulder pad under my clothes? Yes, we designed our shoulder support to be invisible and virtually invisible under clothing. Alternatively, you can use it on your clothes if you wish.
8. Is my shoulder support better than massage or physical therapy? Yes, the FlexiStrap® shoulder support offers comfort and affordability. Unlike expensive chiropractic or physical therapy sessions, you make a one-time purchase and can use it whenever and wherever you need. Additionally, while massage and physical therapy provide temporary relief for a limited time, our shoulder brace offers consistent support when you need it.


  • Design/Durability: Adjustable neoprene shoulder support, Heavy-duty stitching and quality materials.
  • Size: Universal Fit
  • Reversible: Suitable for RIGHT or LEFT shoulder.
  • Adjustable: Customizable compression with straps.
  • Medical Grade: Doctor-recommended for recovery.
  • Target User: General
  • Colors: Black

Product Includes: 1 x FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support
FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support
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