Flora – The smart planter with emotions

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Flora – The smart planter with emotions

Flora – The smart planter with emotions

Turn your plant into a pet

Flora displays emotions that correspond to her health, and the only way to make her happy is to ensure that she is properly taken care of.

This gamification gives you an instant reward in the form of a happy response when you take care of the plant

Flora has 4 senses: 

Simply scan the QR code on Flora and you will get directed to our app. On the app you can manage your settings and see more information about what your  plant needs.


Flora checks the soil’s moisture.


Flora lets you know when she is to hot or too cold


Flora keeps track on sun exposure

Motion sensor

Last but not least, Flora also includes a motion sensor that allows its eyes to follow the movements in front of them: it’s like Flora is looking at you

6 essential animations:

Thirsty: When soil moisture drops under the defined threshold, you need to water your plant.

Sick: Too much water can kill your plant too, wait until Flora is thirsty to add water.

Vampire: After a few days Flora will turn into a vampire if exposure to light is not sufficient.

Squint: Too much exposure to light can harm your plant, when Flora is squinting it’s looking for shade.

Cold: When the temperature drops. Flora will sneeze the day after.

Hot: Flora is too hot

Flora, in more detail:

The planter comes with a sub-irrigation water reservoir. It means less frequent watering and your plant gets all the water it needs.

Dimensions: Ø 15 cm x 16 cm – Ø 5.9″ x 6.3″
Inner dimensions: Ø 12 cm x 10 cm – Ø 4.7″ x 3.9″
Weight: 500g
Screen: IPS LCD – 2.4″ – 320x240px
Power supply: Standard USB