Flowers Magic Ruler Set

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This is a new and interesting intellectual toy that can effectively help primary and secondary school students improve their ability to start, write, and brain, cultivate aesthetic taste, develop intelligence, and have a lot of fun.

❀❀Made of high-quality ABS plastic – toxic and dust-free, will not decolor, it is safe for your kids drawing on it. Can draw various shapes according to the ruler.

❀❀ Enrich your child’s hands-on ability, and imagination,
the line is perfect for unlimited creativity 


❀❀Flower ruler is an aesthetic principle based on symmetry and circumference, let children enjoy the sense of achievement brought by painting.
❀❀Moving teeth method: drawing to a certain number of circles then stop, according to the pattern you need to displace a tooth or a number of teeth to continue painting.

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Flowers Magic Ruler Set