flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume


flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume
flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume

flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume

Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone perfume is a premium perfume that is a chemical naturally found in animals, a compound with a special scent designed to naturally attract and connect with the opposite sex. It has been proven to attract and boost a woman’s confidence and has a strong attraction and influence on many men. Interpret the endless elegance of femininity and greet your partner in the most romantic way.

what is  Androstenone?
flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume
Androstenedione is a naturally occurring sex pheromonesteroid hormone, that is produced naturally in male and female mammals. The operation of sex pheromones in the body involves complex biochemical processes and neurotransmitter pheromones that can be transmitted to the surrounding environment through direct contact or volatilization, so androstenedione plays a powerful role in attraction and sexual behavior and has implications for human behavior and social interactions, including increased self-confidenceattraction to the opposite sex, and stress relief.
The aim of this experiment was to investigate the effect of androstenedione on male attractiveness. By collecting observation and feedback data from participants, we assessed the effects of different perfumes on male attractiveness and attention. The results suggest that the type and composition of androstenone containing perfumes play an important role in attracting male perceptions and responses. This study confirms that androstenedone-containing female perfumes substantially enhance attractiveness to men.
Clinically Verified & Proven
Natural androstenediones are sex pheromones, and experts in the field of osmology have concluded that pheromones are chemical messengers that play a crucial role in attracting individuals of the opposite sexcreating attraction for certain men or influencing their behavior.  Increases libido, boosts confidence and regulates hormone levels, even attracting more of the opposite sex when they are released.

Perfectly Fusion Body Fragrance

flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume
Perfectly Fusion Body FragranceThe ion-binding effect makes the androstenedione molecule more stable and prolongs the persistence of the fragrance. It is mainly through the electrostatic effect of binding the perfume molecules to the ions in the air that can slow down the evaporation of perfume molecules and make them stay in the air longer. In addition, the ionic bonding also allows the perfume molecules to be more evenly dispersed in the air, improving the fragrance emitting effect and making the perfume longer lasting and with better fragrance performance.
Why Is Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume Effective?
Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume is effective because the ingredients contain androstenedione, which has a specific odor that has been described as musky or stale. The human olfactory system plays an important role in the perception of odors. Through the interaction of olfactory receptor cells with the olfactory nerves in the nasal cavity, signals are triggered to the olfactory centers in the brain. When androstenedione is released into the air, it stimulates human olfactory receptor cells through olfaction, triggering olfactory perception and emotional responses.
What Makes The flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume SPECIAL?
flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume
✅ Androstenedione triggers olfactory perception and emotional response
✅ Unique odor profile
✅ Plays a role in sexual attraction
✅ Pure, natural ingredients in the fragrance
✅ Long-lasting fragrance effect
✅ Mysterious and appealing atmosphere
✅ Unique and distinctive bottle design
✅ Warm, sweet or seductive fragrance
✅ Richly layered
✅ Seductive fragrance
✅ Stimulating and adventurous
✅ High quality ingredients and manufacturing process
flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume

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flysmus™ Charmed Heartstrings Androstenone Perfume

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