flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch


flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch
flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch

What Is The Principle Of The Flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch?

The flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch is not an estrogen and fat based enhancement product, but rather uses Type 3 Peptide Protein to achieve the desired effect. It is specially combined with a natural affinity with the body in peptide protein, which penetrates the glandular vesicles in just 5 minutes. This allows the dry glandular vesicles of the breast to instantly absorb nutrients and grow, and repair the cooper’s ligaments with strong elasticity.

  • ✅Provides Key Nutrients To Help Lift And Enhance Breasts For A Fuller
  • ✅Prevents Sagging And Dryness Of The Breasts
  • ✅Estrogen – Free
  • ✅Pure Natural Formula
  • ✅Activates Ageing Breast Cells
  • ✅Replenishes Natural Hormonal Energy
  • ✅Anti-Sagging & Long-Lasting
  • ✅Powerful Skin Rejuvenation

flysmus PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch has the following product:


  • Ingredients: Type 3 Peptide Protein, Glycerin, Hop, Kudzu Motherwort Extract & Cypress Oil
  • Patch Dimensions  :  16 x 13 x 2 cm; 25g/pc

Package Includes: 1 box – flysmus™ PlumpAmore Enhancement Patch (4pcs)

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