Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses

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Give your eyes the perfect UV protection that they need without sacrificing style with these trendy polarized folding sunglasses! 

Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses

This anti-glare sunglasses adopts an impressive folding quality that turns your eyewear into a space-saving, compact size. Making it an ideal travel partner that can collapse and safely fit through your bags or luggage for an unmatched convenience. What’s more? An ultimate eyewear companion designed with advanced polarized effect for maximum eye protection at all times. It efficiently blocks all harmful glares that pass through and eliminates reflected, scattered lights for a much improved vision clarity. Suitable for beach trips, travels, road trips, shopping, hiking, outdoor sports, picnics, malling, cycling, commutes, and such.

This fancy pair of folding sunglasses is highly light and it features comfortable fitting arms that hug securely on different wearer’s sizes. Allowing it to be worn all day long without eye strain, discomfort, and awkward sunglass mark. The polarized eyewear offers a cool, aesthetically looking touch that can elevate different outfit styles and your overall appearance. Providing you the perfect eye protection, clear vision, portability, and fashion sense all at once! Made of premium materials with great durability that can withstand endless folds and usage without damaging.

Step up your go-to eyewear’s folding game and use these trendy polarized folding sunglasses!


  • Highly Foldable
    The trendy summer sunglasses offer an innovative tri-fold performance that turns your eyewear into a much compact size. It provides a mini zippered storage where you can safely place the sunglasses when not in use. Furthermore, you can stash it into bags, luggage, totes, and such while saving more space for other items unlike with regular fold glasses. No worries as it is specially constructed to withstand endless folds without damaging, deforming, or scratching.

  • Anti-Glare Sunglass
    A fine, protective eyewear with classic, fashion-rimmed lenses that adopts an advanced light filtering, polarized effect. It successfully blocks lights and harmful glares that pass through the lens to fully safeguard delicate eyes. Moreover, this pair of sunglasses also increases natural vision clarity by eliminating all reflected and scattered lights. Allowing it to improve safety driving and vision, as well as minimizing color distortion during outdoors in a high-glare environment. You can now enjoy summer without experiencing eye strain, eye damage, and unwanted temporary blindness due to light and glares.

Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses

  • Comfortable to Wear
    This polarized sunglasses is professionally-designed to give the wearer an unparalleled comfort and ease at all times. It is ultra-light and it features uniquely bendable arms to securely fit against all sizes without squeezing. You can confidently wear it for a prolonged period and experience a single strain, discomfort, and awkward sunglass mark. Additionally, the sunglasses come with an integrated nose pad which keeps the glasses stably in proper position even as you move. It also helps to give you a much more snug fitting for a greater eyeglass wearing experience.

Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses

  • Excellent Fashion Eyewear
    This pair of stunning folding sunglasses delivers an extra amount of aesthetic touch that can surely elevate your overall fits. It can be matched on a plethora of OOTD styles, such as beach apparels, everyday fit, dresses, work attire, fancy outfits, plain shirts, and more possibilities. Making it the perfect fashionable and protective companion during beach trips, travels, road trips, shopping, hiking, outdoor sports, picnics, malling, cycling, commutes, and so on.
  • Unisex Design 
    This stylish eyewear can complement different face shapes for both men and women. Suitable for round face, oval face, square face, diamond face, pear face, oblong, and heart face shape. Available in various trendy colors to choose on, including deep space green, jazz black, gradient blue, sunset orange, and so much more.

Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC) plastic material frames with top-grade anti-glare capabilities. It also boasts an amazing durability and toughness that can endure years of daily usage and folding without wearing off. These polarized foldable sunglasses can also hold out against different climates and extreme weather conditions.


  • Color: Bamboo / Night Black / Sky Blue / Amber
  • Size: Please refer to the image below

Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses


  • 1 x Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses
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Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses
Foldia™ Tri-Fold Polarized Sunglasses
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