Fragrant-Bomb Toilet Cleaner

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Fragrant-Bomb Toilet Cleaner


Fragrant-Bomb Toilet Cleaner

Leave your toilet sparkling clean & smells good after every flush!

Everybody hates cleaning the toilet, so make your toilet clean itself using the Fragrant-BombToilet Cleaner.

The Fragrant-Bomb Toilet Cleaner provides an easy way to clean your toilet with basically no effort. Its 4-in-1 formula combines hygienic foam, stain remover, dirt protection and extra freshness which makes cleaning and keeping fresh literally just a flush away. It lasts for over 2-3 months!


  • 4-in-1 Formula:
    It combines hygienic foam, stain remover, dirt protection and extra freshness to keep your toilet clean and fragrant.

  • Hygienic Foam:
    It makes bubble foam that cleans the toilet as you flush.
  • Persistent Fragrance:
    It kills the foul smell from the toilet bowl and leaves a fragrant smell after flushing.

  • Blue Water:
    It cleanses using active cleaning ingredients with the freshness of blue water.
  • Perfect Fit:
    It has a discreet design that fits perfectly under the toilet rim.

  • Long Lifespan:
    It lasts for over 2-3 months and still delivers the same quality work from day one.


  • Materials: Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
  • Weight: 47g
  • Size: 12cm X 11cm X 3cm


  • 1pc X Fragrant-Bomb ToiletCleaner
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