Garden Plant Support Stake


Garden Plant Support Stake



1. This plant support trellis elegant and simple design will add vitality to your plants, which has a modern artistic beauty and enhances the ornamental natures of plants.

2. Well prop up plants to grow uprightly and healthily, prevent plants from falling over and sprawling out, keep flowers getting beatiful,and fruit grows bigger ,better and sweeter, and let you enjoy the planting.

3. This garden plant support cage is made of high-quality materials has a strong resistance to natural conditions.It can be used in balconies,courtyards and gardens,and can be placed outdoors for a long time.

4. This plant trellis itself occupies a small area,making full use of space, easy to Use, just adjust the rings according to specific support need of the plant, then push the cage into the soil.


Support and guide the plant: our garden flower support stakes do a good job on supporting the plant to grow upright and normally, guiding its stem towards the right position, preventing the vines from spreading and protecting the plant from strong winds, heavy rain and snow
Convenient installation: our half round plant support is easy to install in a few steps, insert the bracket into the small hole in the middle of arc, install it into the soil and adjust its position, just a few steps for you to take care of your plants quickly


* Suitable for all stages of small plant growth, allowing climbing plants to grow freely, and the spacing of the brackets can be adjusted freely.

* Suitable for potted plants and flowers can allow climbing plants and flowers to grow in a fixed circular path and show them in a perfect posture.

* Suitable for the cultivation of agricultural products, can support the growth of small vegetables and fruits, and reduce the load-bearing of the plant itself.



Wide-Application Garden Support Stakes:

*Most bushy plants like peonies, hydrangeas, lily, cone flowers, roses, salvias, orchid, daisy, zinnia, etc;

*Used to support climbing plants like beans, cucumbers, grapes;

*Used to small tomato plants, cherry tomato, pepper, herb, basil, small sapliing, flimsy flowers;

*For indoor potted plans, small house plant, container gardening, garden bed etc.


Garden Plant Support Stake

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Garden Plant Support Stake
Garden Plant Support Stake
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