German Tri-Eye Eclipse


German Tri-Eye Eclipse

Revolutionary Nano-Prism Technology for Superior Defense

Revolutionize personal security with state-of-the-art Nano Prism Technology (NPT). This groundbreaking innovation harnesses nanoscopic prisms embedded within the LED cores, dramatically amplifying the light’s intensity and focus. When activated in self-defense mode, the NPT channels a burst of ultra-bright, disorienting light, creating a temporary blinding effect that can incapacitate potential threats from a distance.

Electro-Photochemical Gas for Enhanced Deterrence

Expanding the realm of self-defense, this innovative system incorporates a unique electro-photochemical gas that activates concurrently with intense light emission. Safely contained and released in minute quantities, this gas enhances the brightness, creating a dazzling visual effect to further deter potential aggressors. This combination of blinding light provides a dual-layered defense mechanism, setting it apart from conventional self-defense tools.


Multi-Mode Adjustment & Compact Design: Equipped with a five-mode design for versatile lighting, the mini flashlight features three high-brightness LED cores combined into one.

The compact and lightweight body fits easily into your pocket or bag, making it convenient for on-the-go use.

Powerful Illumination with Frog-Eye Lens: The concentrated power of three high-brightness LED cores, coupled with a frog-eye lens, produces remarkable and focused lighting. The ingenious central one-key smart switch allows effortless control over brightness levels.


Long-Lasting Performance & True Capacity Battery: Utilizing an internal 18350 lithium battery with genuine capacity, the mini flashlight delivers powerful and enduring brightness. The Type-C fast charging interface ensures quick recharging, while the built-in intelligent chip protects the battery, balancing fast charging with extended battery life.

Sealed Waterproof Design & Robust Construction: The fully sealed and waterproof body protects the internal circuitry, allowing the flashlight to withstand rain and adverse weather conditions. Its high-strength, anti-drop body ensures durability, making it resistant to impacts, abrasions, and the challenges of everyday use.



  • Battery: Built-in 18350 lithium battery
  • Charging method: Type-C charging
  • Waterproof: daily waterproof
  • Gear: strong/medium/weak/flash/SOS
  • Wick: 3 high-lumen lamp beads
  • Power: 20w
  • Accessories: USB charging cable
  • Color: Black
  • Size:


  • 1 × Three-eyed monster mini flashlight
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German Tri-Eye Eclipse
German Tri-Eye Eclipse
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