GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover


GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover
GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

What Significant features on GFOUK™ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover?

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

Advanced Automobile Interior Restoration
Eliminate stubborn stains and recover the original color and shine of your car with ease in 5 SECONDS. Enjoy a car that looks as though it’s brand NEW.

Durability of Protection
Provides a lasting 5 year protection with a non-greasy finish.

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

Non-Rinsing Formula
Simply spray onto the stained area and wipe gently
. No further rinsing is necessary post-cleaning.

Superior UV Protection
Enzyme shields against fading, discoloration and cracking caused by damaging UV rays, offering up to 6 months of protection.

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

100% Non-Poisonous & Oil-Free
Eliminates deeply embedded dirt to generating a non-greasy, matte, and odor-free coating that remains for up to 6 months. Contains 0% silicone oils or petroleum distillates preventing greasy buildup.

Suitable for All Internal Surfaces
It is safe to use on all interior surfaces, such as steering wheels, stereos, dashboards, door panels and central consoles.

Happier Client Sharing Delighted Experience

“My car is NEW again!”

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

“Last year, my car was so dirty it caused fights with my girlfriend. No matter what cleaning products I used, nothing worked. She warned if it remained this way, we would break up. Desperate, I bought GFOUK™ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover as I saw this advertisement. Spraying and wiping the car seat for 5 seconds, I was shocked at the instant change and it was like a new car! I proudly let my girlfriend ride in it again & she thought I’d bought a new one. I finally told her that I cleaned my car and she was so happy about it that she never fought with me again. She likes to travel in my car a lot! I will continue to buy this car spray in order to maintain a good relationship with my girlfriend!” – Abner Adolf


What is ENZYME and Its Benefits?


Concern with Safe and Environmentally Friendly

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

George, a motor technician, has been in the car repair and wash business for 10 years. He then went back to school to studying Cleaning Service and became interested in studying cleaning products. In May of last year, he discovered that the ENZYME detergent had a powerful detergent function and was 5 times more powerful than ordinary detergents. Since then, he has been looking for cleaning agents with ENZYME ingredients to conduct experiments. Finally, he found GFOUK™ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover to experiment with. After the testing, he was surprised to find that the product could clean the car stain in 5 seconds, and the ingredients are harmless and non-polluting to the environment. He also said that after using the product for 3 months, the interior of the car was as good as a new one. Finally, he proofs that this cleaning spray is one of the most rapid cleaning products to remove dirt.

Rave Reviews from Our Clients!

“It erase the detail in my car!”

“When I washed my car one day, I found stains hidden under the chairs in my car! I think it was a food residue stain because my boyfriend loved eating food in car. Since I’m a clean freak, I have used many different cleaners to remove it but all failed. My friends then told me to use GFOUK™ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover, saying that it has Enzyme ingredients that can eliminate all stains. I immediately bought it to try and it really washed off the stains that were not easy to eliminate! The stain on the floor under my seat was cleaned up immediately! This is definitely a treasure for all car lovers!” – Ruby Pauline

User Direction

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

Product Specifications

GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover


1 x GFOUK™️ ENZYME 5 Seconds Car Stain Remover

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