GFOUK Active Caffeine Anti-Swelling Cream


GFOUK Active Caffeine Anti-Swelling Cream
GFOUK Active Caffeine Anti-Swelling Cream

3 Key Ingredients

1. Coffee – contains caffeine, a natural stimulant that can aid in boosting blood flow and promoting fat metabolism. By dehydrating fat cells and enhancing the general texture and tone of the skin when applied topically, caffeine can assist to minimize the appearance of cellulite. In addition, coffee contains antioxidants that may aid in preventing aging and skin damage.
2. Coconut – For its many health advantages, such as weight loss, better digestion, and greater vitality, coconut has been utilized for millennia. Coconuts include beneficial lipids that can lower inflammation and raise cholesterol.
3. Phytosonic – is a potent active component that replicates the actions of fat-dissolving ultrasonic technology. This natural combination of three plant extracts works in concert.
What Makes GFOUK™ Active Caffeine Remove Swelling Cream Special?

✓ Clinically proven to reduce cellulite by up to 90%

✓ Increase resting metabolism

✓ Block excess fat production

✓ Eliminate lymphatic problems

✓ Improves circulation and allows toxins to be expelled through perspiration✓ Reduces extra fluids in your lymph by up to 60%✓ Works well on the stomach, hips, upper arms, and body

How to Use: 

After a regular shower routine. Dry the skin to allow the GFOUK™ Active Caffeine Remove Swelling Cream to work effectively. Use twice weekly for the best results. If you have particularly sensitive skin, start slow and apply every other day for your skin.

Package Includes: 1 x GFOUK Active Caffeine Anti-Swelling Cream

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