GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch


GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

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GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

“As someone dealing with poor blood flow, likely aggravated by spending long hours at the keyboard daily, I’ve struggled with swollen veins on my hands, and the accompanying nightly numbness has been truly unbearable. The GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch came as a relief, not just for its ease of use but also for the noticeable results. After using it regularly for a short period, I observed a significant reduction in the size of the bulging veins, giving my hands a more youthful and refreshed appearance. It seems like the patch works by improving blood flow, relieving strain on the veins and effectively addressing the discomfort I’ve been experiencing.” – Jasmine Lander

GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

“Having recently experienced an impactful accident at my garage, I began facing more frequent episodes of numbness, especially concerning were the new black bruises around my feet. Desperate for relief, I decided to give the GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch a try. After over a month of consistent use, I’ve found comfort in the fact that it has significantly improved my blood circulation. What’s even more impressive is that it quickly reduced the appearance of the bruises and alleviated the troubling numbness I’ve been dealing with.” – Anthony Corigliano

GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

Reducing Numbness Through Anti-Inflammatory Effects on Tendons & Ligaments

GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch Consists Of 3 Essential Ingredients

As stated by Dr. Williams, the GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch is highly effective in alleviating numbness sensations. The key to its efficacy lies in the collaborative impact of 4 potent ingredients that synergistically contribute to fostering enduring health. Through addressing an overloaded nervous system, initiating the circulation of blood, and providing essential vitamins, these three components work together to enhance your overall well-being.


Dr. Williams has affirmed Angelica’s nootropic properties, offering relief from discomfort and issues related to the nervous system. Angelica specifically targets the loss of sensation linked to nerve problems, effectively diminishing numbness.

Tamanu Oil

Recognized for its anti-inflammatory attributes, Tamanu Oil contains Calophyllic acid, a unique component with antibacterial properties, and Calophyllolide, a natural anti-inflammatory factor that soothes inflammation. Alongside fatty acids, vitamins A, and E, it promotes skin cell regeneration, accelerates wound healing, minimizes scars, and efficiently penetrates and nourishes the underlying skin layers.


With anti-inflammatory properties, flaxseed oil’s omega-3 fatty acids aid in reducing inflammation in specific populations. By fostering nerve health, supporting cellular synthesis, and lowering the risk of numbness, it helps mitigate the progression of chronic conditions.


Insufficient blood flow often leads to numbness in certain body regions. Wormwood, a natural ingredient, has the potential to enhance overall blood circulation, particularly in areas like the hands and feet. This improved circulation ensures the efficient delivery of crucial oxygen and nutrients to nerves and organs, ultimately relieving numbness.

GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

What Makes The GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch Be The GREAT CHOICE:

 Expert Endorsement: Dr. Howard has endorsed the effectiveness of GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch.

 Specific Target Areas: Numbness commonly occurs in the hands and feet.

 Relief for Nerve Tissue: It aids in mitigating the compression of nerve tissue.

 Improved Blood Circulation: This cream enhances blood flow to affected regions.

 Vitamin Enrichment: The cream replenishes crucial Vitamin B12.

 Enriched Ingredients: Encompassing Angelica, Wormwood, and Flaxseed.

 Restoring Nervous System Balance: The formula addresses an overburdened nervous system.

 Holistic Health Enhancement: These actions contribute to an overall improvement in health.

Usage Directions

Step 1. Wash and dry your hands & foots/affected area.

Step 2. Apply the GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch.

Step 3. Consistency of using is the key for amazing results.

Package Includes: 1 Box(12pcs) x GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch

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GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch
GFOUK™ EaseNerve Hands and Foots Patch
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