GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager


The GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager offers a simple and effective solution to address your gynecological enlargement concern. Through pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology, it breaks down and burns fat, effectively addressing the reduction of gynecological growths while preventing future accumulation of fat cells in your breast area.

Gynecological breast hyperplasia can cause emotional distress and feelings of inferiority in some males. It can lead to significant embarrassment, anxiety, or even depression. Fortunately, our GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager can assist you!

This GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager tightens and strengthens muscles through low frequency stimulation of the body’s skin, giving you a satisfyingly toned body. The PEMF stimulates through microcurrent stimulation, which sends signals directly to the muscles to promote muscle movement. All you need to do is fit the massager to your chest and let it work your chest muscles.

The GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager stimulates muscles and fat cells through electromagnetic pulses. This stimulation leads to an increase in the internal metabolism of fat cells, thereby accelerating the processes of fat breakdown and burning. By stimulating fat cells, it aids in reducing the accumulation of fat in the male breast area. Through enhancing blood circulation, it improves blood supply to breast tissues, facilitating the removal of waste and promoting the delivery of nutrients.

The GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager is designed to assist in hormone level balance by influencing estrogen levels. Its core functionality lies in the meticulously designed pulse electromagnetic field frequency and intensity, which interact with cells and tissues within the body. It engages in reciprocal interaction with cell signaling pathways associated with hormone secretion, aiming to achieve regulatory effects. Furthermore, by intervening in cellular bioelectrical activity, it aids in achieving a state of hormonal equilibrium.

GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager has the following product features:


  • Product size: 5.7 cm x 5.5 cm x 1.3 cm
  • Package size: 17.5 cm x 12 cm x 1.3 cm
  • USB Charging: 1 hour fully charged
  • Conductive patch: Silicone
  • 6 programmed massage modes
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Recommended use time: 15 minutes per use
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GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager
GFOUK™ PEMF Gynecomasty Reduction Massager
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