GFOUK™ Pet Hair Remover


Reusable Pet Hair Remover Laundry Filter
GFOUK™ Pet Hair Remover

As a gift for your loved ones this Pet Depilator will be perfect!

The paw picks up animal hair from your clothes as you wash and dry them. And it works in both the washing machine and the dryer.

Laundry Pet Hair Remover

  • The paw is made of very soft, sticky, flexible material that catches dog or cat hair and pulls it out of clothing so it can be washed or collected in the drip tray of your washing machine.
  • The patented pet hair removal superstar helps you remove fur lint, lint and dust from your clothes, jackets, blankets and more.

Laundry Pet Hair Remover

GFOUK™ Pet Hair Remover the following product features:

  • Name: GFOUK™ Pet Hair Remover
  • Color: As shown
  • Package includes: 2 x GFOUK™ Pet Hair Remover
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