GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks


What is special about GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks?

Tourmaline is a natural gemstone in mineralogy. It has a unique piezoelectric and thermoelectric effect, which generates an electrical charge when heated, pressed, or excited by other energy. With the unique fiber lacing the tourmaline, the ionic socks releases a large number of negative ions and emits beneficial far-infrared rays. It can inhibit bacteria and eliminate odours, and it can help promote human metabolism, eliminate fatigue, stabilise the nervous system, and improve human microcirculation. Secondly, the negative ions released by ionic socks can neutralise body fluids to make them alkaline, purify blood, activate cells, and ensure vigorous energy.

GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

What are the cause of Callus and Corns?

Callus is commonly found underneath the feet in weight-bearing or high-pressure areas. Corns are a small, localised area of thickened and hardened skin that typically develops on the feet or toes. Both of them are generally caused by friction and pressure on the skin. They develop in response to the skin’s attempt to protect itself from repeated rubbing or irritation.

Ionic Therapy promote healing of Callus and Corns

The PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks can stimulate over 2800 reflex points on your feet, as they are based on ionic and far infrared therapy. Negative ions are believed to help improve blood circulation. Better circulation can deliver nutrients and oxygen to the affected areas, assisting in the natural healing process. Additionally, negative ions have an antimicrobial effect, helping to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms of the Callus and Corns. With continuous wear, ions can interact with nerve endings, potentially reducing pain sensations and promoting a sense of relaxation and comfort caused by foot problems.

GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

Understanding Varicose Veins: Causes and Symptoms

Varicose veins are a common condition caused by weakened or damaged valves in the veins, leading to improper blood flow and the pooling of blood in the veins. In some cases, the lining of the vein coagulates and becomes inflamed, known as thrombophlebitis, and the epidermis becomes red, swollen and painful, even very painful nodules can be palpated along the vein.

How the GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks works?

Our revolutionary PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks, specifically engineered to significantly enhance blood circulation by harnessing the power of tourmaline-generated ions. These ions have the remarkable ability to induce blood vessel dilation and promote relaxation of smooth muscle cells, resulting in optimized blood flow and reduced resistance. This groundbreaking technology not only offers a potential solution for improving varicose veins but also delivers tangible benefits backed by ongoing scientific research. Experience the assurance of enhanced blood circulation with utmost confidence through our PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks, setting a new standard in wellness innovation.

GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

What makes GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks the best choice for you ?

✅ Unique tourmaline ion technology
✅ Effectively eliminates Callus and Corns
✅ Relieve Varicose veins, swollen and heavy legs
✅ Improves blood circulation
✅ Reduces physical fatigue and inflammation
✅ Prevents fat accumulation for a healthy body
✅ Controls appetite and reduces harmful body waste
✅ High elasticity soft breathable and invisible and comfortable
✅ Quickly relieves swollen ankles and feet


Materials : unique fiber lacing with Tourmaline, cotton,

Size : free size

Colors : Beige and Gray

Package Includes: 1 x GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks

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GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks
GFOUK™ PulseGrid Tourmaline Ionic Socks
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