GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel


GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel doesn’t just kill roaches on contact; it has the added advantage of causing roaches in contact with each other to spread its effects, effectively creating a domino effect that rapidly eradicates the entire infestation.

GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel effectively adheres to any textured surface, making it easy to use in a variety of overhead or hidden locations. Versatile and powerful, the GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel solution is effective against various cockroach species. Whether you’re dealing with German, American, or any other roach type, this product stands ready to combat them all, making it a comprehensive and reliable choice for your pest control needs.

The GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel offers peace of mind with its remarkable safety profile. Designed to exclusively target cockroaches, this innovative solution poses no threat to the well-being of both your loved ones and furry companions, ensuring a pest-free environment without compromising their health or safety.

This ready-to-use GFOUK Roach Maxtrap Gel formulation has been specifically crafted for hassle-free pest control. Its versatility makes it ideal for targeted treatments in various indoor and outdoor settings, effectively combating cockroach infestations in spots, cracks, and crevices with ease.

GFOUK Roach Maxtrap Gel has the following product features:

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GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel
GFOUK™ Roach Maxtrap Gel
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