GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device


The All New Emergency Wound Closure

The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device is dedicated to simplifying life with its efficient design. It is a rapid skin closure kit that don’t puncture the skin to avoid secondary trauma and reduce scarring. It serves as an excellent alternative for easily managing lacerations in emergency situations, eliminating the need for an expensive trip to the ER.

GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device

Our wound closure strips provide superior protection and aid in treating open wounds, making them an essential addition to all first aid kits, whether at home or for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or sporting events. The application is quick and easy, surpassing the speed of traditional stitches, a crucial factor in emergency scenarios. Moreover, it allows for adjustable tension along the wound’s length, enabling precise and comfortable control over the closure process.

Strong & Secure Adhesive

GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device

The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device surpasses traditional sutures, boasting 8 times greater strength. This strength not only shields the wound effectively but also ensures steadfast closure, even during joint flexion. Experience unparalleled durability for enhanced wound protection and secure closure.

What Makes The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✔ Easy to apply

✔ Easy to medicate

✔ Easy to remove

✔ Allows drainage of wound exudate

✔ Applies in seconds

✔ No sharps/no needle-stick risk

✔ No “Railroad Track” scarring

✔ No puncture pain

✔ No secondary trauma

✔ No anesthesic required for simple closure

✔ Fits well to the body surface

✔ Durable

Usage Directions

Step 1: Position adhesive pads on either side of the wound and affix them to the skin.

Step 2: Gently pull the wound edges together for proper alignment.

Step 3: Maintain the closure throughout the healing process, covering the wound as necessary for protection.

Package Includes: 1 x GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device

GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device

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GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device
GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device
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