GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses


What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is a reduced ability to distinguish between colors when compared to the standard for normal human color vision. Individuals with color blindness usually have difficulty distinguishing between certain colors as their visual system cannot account for the overlapping wavelength of certain colors. The reason for this varies from genetic mutation, aging, progressive eye diseases, and chemical exposure.

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

The most common types of color blindness includes:

  • red-green color blindness
  • blue-green  color blindness
  • blue-yellow  color blindness

Discover Vibrant Colored Vision With Zpectrum Lens

Zpectrum’s Enhanced Color Receptor lens technology selectively and effectively filters light to increase the contrast in different color signs to neutralize the symptoms of color blindness. By so doing, enabling the wearer to experience a more enriched, vibrant, and vivid perception of the world.

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

The Science Behind GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

Zpectrum Lens reduced the overlapping of colors in the visual receptors, enabling individuals to see colors with their full vibrancy. It is reported that the wearers of Zpectrum Lens can recover over 95% of their ability in perceiving intense colors.

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

FOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses provided our wearers with a durable enhancement in their color vision ability. It makes use of specialized filters that selectively block out certain wavelengths of light. The purpose of these filters is to improve the contrast between colors, which will make it simpler for those who are colorblind to differentiate between different shades.

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses Stimulate Brain’s Color Vision Processing

When the Zpectrum glasses is being worn the brain undergoes neural adaptations to process visual information based on the available color cues. It can generate 3 to 5x improvement in color vision. The brain exhibits a remarkable ability to adapt and reorganize itself in response to sensory input. Zpectrum glasses leverage this neural plasticity by providing the brain with modified visual input. With consistent use, the brain may adapt to the enhanced color information provided by the glasses, potentially improving the wearer’s ability to perceive and differentiate colors.

What makes GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses Special?

✅ Stimulates Brain’s Color Vision center

✅ Immediate and Long-Lasting Improvement

✅ Filtering Specific Wavelengths

✅ Improving Color Discrimination

✅ Enhancing Cone Activation

✅ 3 to 5 times improvement after 6 months

✅ Stylish and Lightweight Design

✅ Indoor and Outdoor Use

✅ Durability and Scratch Resistance

✅ 100% UV Protection

Package Includes: 1 x GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses

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GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses
GFOUK™ Zpectrum Colorblind Glasses