Glam Up Eyeshadow Applicator 6 in 1


Glam Up Eyeshadow Applicator 6 in 1
Glam Up Eyeshadow Applicator 6 in 1


Apply, contour and create a unique makeup every day!

Day or evening makeup, occasional or professional makeup, now you can do it yourself thanks to the Glam Up 6 in 1 Eyelid Makeup Applicator.

Ready to party in just 10 minutes? Yes, you can!

Occasional make-up tends to be more complex, to include a wide range of blushes and therefore requires a longer application time. But with the Glam Up Eyelid Makeup Applicator you will get a spectacular and perfect makeup look in a much faster time!

How is this possible?

They fit any eye shape: Oval, Almond or Elongated.

Be a professional from the comfort of your own home and combine the most creative ideas with the most suitable blushes.

The Glam Up applicator is ideal for creating any type of make-up, from the most versatile and electrifying to the classic and simplistic thanks to the variety of shapes suitable for everyone.

Different styles for defined personalities!

Be seductive with smokey eyes, be elegant with classic makeup, be bold with retro makeup, be the most beautiful version of femininity every day.

The stamp set tests your creativity in making any kind of makeup and highlights your personality.

The secret of the professionals – Glam Up 6 in 1 Eye Shadow Applicator!

No need for exorbitant amounts of money, make-up classes or time wasted in the salon.

Glam Up is ideal for any woman who loves to be admired.

It’s time to be flawless, bold and glamorous any time of the day or night. Believe in professionalism and quality.

Believe in Pandera and the Glam Up Makeup Applicator because your eyes tell a story. 


How to use:

1. Choose the desired shape for defining your make-up, as well as the right or left eye part and insert the chosen shape into the handle.

2. Apply foundation or blush to the inner side of the stamp and position correctly on the entire eyelid OR apply the clean stamp to the entire eyelid and create a blush outline using a thin brush.

3. Remove the stamp and wipe off the cosmetic layer with micellar water or make-up remover.

Choose to shine every day with the help of the Glam Up 6 in 1 Eye Shadow Applicator!

Package Includes: 1 x Glam Up Eyeshadow Applicator 6 in 1

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