Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions


Reinforce your Nails with Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Are you tired of spending your valuable time and hard-earned money on acrylic nail extensions that are both fragile and costly? Look no further, as Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions remains the latest trend, offering you the most authentic and durable nail extension option available!

Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions employ an incredibly lightweight silk fiber, leading to the creation of nails that are both robust and adaptable. The elegance of the fiber is conventionally slimmer than acrylic, contributing to a remarkably genuine appearance that results in exquisite and elongated nails. You can put aside concerns about nail harm, in contrast to traditional rigid acrylic materials that may lead to nail issues over time. With Glamouré™, nail growth remains unhindered and unaffected.

High Flexibility & Ultra-Light Nail Extensions

In comparison to acrylic nail tips, the innovative Glamouré™ Nail Extensions offer a significantly enhanced level of flexibility and a lighter feel. This unique characteristic ensures that even routine household tasks won’t be hindered, as these extensions seamlessly integrate with your daily activities without causing any discomfort or awareness of their presence.

Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions
Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or are looking to achieve a polished everyday look, the clear color of Glamouré™ Nail Extensions caters to a wide range of styles and occasions. You’ll enjoy nails that exude a natural elegance, making it difficult for anyone to discern whether they’re your own nails or skillfully enhanced with extensions. This clear color option truly elevates the versatility and sophistication of the Glamouré™ Nail Extensions, enhancing your overall appearance with a touch of refined grace.

Trim and Cut to Any Shape you Want!

Glamouré™ Nail Extensions are designed with your personal preferences in mind, offering a level of customization that ensures your unique style is catered to perfectly. Regardless of whether you’re inclined towards the allure of extra-long nails or you prefer a more understated, natural length, Glamouré™ has your back every step of the way.

If you’re someone who loves to make a bold statement with your nails, the option to go for extra length allows you to express your creativity and showcase your individuality. On the other hand, if you lean towards a more subtle and timeless look, you can opt for a natural length that enhances your existing beauty without overpowering it.

Partner it with Your Favorite Nail Polish

Glamouré™ Nail Extensions not only offer versatility in terms of length and appearance but also seamlessly integrate with your existing nail routine. You have the wonderful opportunity to wear them alongside your preferred nail polish, creating endless possibilities for captivating nail designs that reflect your mood, style, and creativity.

Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Whether you’re into vibrant and bold shades that make a statement, or you lean towards soft and pastel hues for a more delicate touch, Glamouré™ Nail Extensions provide the perfect canvas to showcase your chosen nail polish colors. The clear and adaptable nature of these extensions ensures that they harmonize effortlessly with any shade you apply, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations and patterns.

Easy to Apply & Long-Lasting

With a user-friendly approach, applying these extensions becomes an enjoyable process that doesn’t require professional expertise. The included instructions guide you through the steps, ensuring that you achieve a flawless result even if you’re new to nail enhancements.

What’s even more remarkable is the longevity that Glamouré™ Nail Extensions offer. With proper nail care, these extensions have the potential to remain stunning for up to an impressive 30 days. This means that you can relish in their beauty and the effort you put into their application for an extended period of time, enjoying the benefits of your meticulous work.


  1. Trim the fiberglass to your desired length/ size.
  2. Apply base coat. Before the base coat dries, put fiberglass on the nail surface and cure.
  3. Apply fiber builder gel and cure for 1-2 mins to strengthen the extension.
  4. (Optional) Cut the extended nails if necessary.
  5. (Optional) Technical sanding to make it more natural and smoother.
  6. (Optional) Apply topcoat which leaves the nail always shiny and more durable.


  • Material (Fiberglass): High-Quality Fiberglass
  • Length: 8 x 4cm /pc
  • Net Content (Fiber Builder Gel): 8ml


  • Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions (10PCS)
  • Glamouré™ Fiber Builder Gel (8ml)
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Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions
Glamouré™ Silk Fiberglass Nail Extensions
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