Glasses-free 3D Projector

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☄️ Glasses-free 3D Projector ☄️

✨ Premium Advertising Imaging:
3D holographic fan display, 3D effect images and videos are produced by rotating led fans. It helps store owners to effectively spread and share advertising content.

💥 Easy to use:

The 3D holographic fan display can be easily fixed on various buildings or structures with screws. Simple and easy to operate.

☄️ Multi-position fixation:

It can be fixed on concrete walls, ceilings, and wooden structures, and clear images can be seen from a long distance.

💥 Holographic effect:

Convert 2D or 3D pictures or videos into dot matrix through software. By rotating the LED, the dot matrix is customized into a 3D holographic video according to the frequency.

✨ Multi-connection:

Support multiple connections to make the playback screen bigger and clearer.

✨ Specification

Resolution: 1600*720
Viewing angle: 176 degrees
Rated voltage: 12v
Motor speed: 680 rpm
Rated power: 60w
Weight about: 0.75KG

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Glasses-free 3D Projector
Glasses-free 3D Projector