GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse


GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse
GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

The GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse uses the combination of natural ingredients and the V34 Color Correction Technology to effectively brighten teeth and remove yellow stains in as fast as 15 seconds.

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

Tim Byrne, AU

It’s so convenient how I can evenly apply this teeth whitening mousse, and it works fairly quick! It’s amazing how my teeth became a few shades whiter within the course of one week. I find this product 2x more effective than the previous whitening treatments I’ve done in the past.

Natasha Davis, USA

The GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse is effective after two uses! It’s so easy to use and covers the entire teeth while rinsing or brushing. I also like that the mousse doesn’t have a bitter or chemical taste, which was often the case with other teeth whiteners I’ve tried. Such a good product with a natural ingredient list!

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

Lexie Davies, UK

In terms of effectiveness, comfort, and convenience, I’ll rate the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse 5/5! It made a huge improvement on my yellowish teeth. Now I don’t have to feel self-conscious about my smile anymore. This stuff is designed to reach tooth crevices evenly to provide fastest whitening results. Plus, it’s so easy to incorporate into my weekly routine. Using this as a preventive measure now to keep yellow stains at bay.

The GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse offers a safe and painless at-home whitening treatment to remove years’ worth of stains and yellowing. It combines the use of natural ingredients with V34 color correction technology to effectively break down dark colors that are staining your teeth, so you get a brighter smile fast with little to no sensitivity.

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

This non-invasive teeth whitening treatment is made with accessibility and convenience in mind, making it a good choice for both at-home and on-the-go teeth brightening! With just 2 pumps and a few seconds of rinsing, the foam can get inside the crevices between your teeth and make it easy to eliminate tough stains, completely turning your teeth a few shades whiter in a single use.

The GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse is formulated with natural ingredients that gently yet effectively remove pesky yellow stains and dirt deposits that brushing alone can’t get rid of. This whitening mousse erases surface stains and discoloration without causing discomfort and damaging your enamel and gums.

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

To restore your pearly whites and achieve a dazzling smile, use the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse once a day and watch it work its magic!

Product Features:

  • Uses natural ingredients and color correction technology to remove stubborn surface stains that have accumulated over the years
  • Provides a non-invasive, color-correcting teeth brightening treatment
  • Restores brightness and neutralizes yellow tones on the tooth surface
  • Designed to reach and erase the yellow stains from hard-to-reach areas

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

  • Uses gentle ingredients to protect the tooth enamel and gums from damage and sensitivity
  • Transforms discolored or yellow teeth into pearly whites with each use
  • Provides a convenient at-home and travel-friendly teeth whitening treatment for brighter smile on the go

Brushing alone isn’t going to whiten your teeth, but the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse can help you achieve your goal of pearly whites faster. 2 squeezes can provide instant results. Plus, it uses natural ingredients instead of the more standard chemicals to whiten teeth, so it’s safe and gentle.” – Ellie Black, lifestyle content creator

Maya Chapman shares her experience with the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse.

I stopped using teeth whitening products because the aggressive bleaching only sensitizes my teeth. I was scouring online for teeth whitening products that don’t contain high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and stumbled upon the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse.

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

This was an easy-to-use, fast-acting teeth whitener! It really brightened and left my teeth with fewer surface issues and no sensitivity after ONE use.

GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

My teeth had severe yellowing, and although I’ve already seen huge results after one use, I decided to continue using to achieve my goal. And this product didn’t disappoint. My teeth turned several shades whiter with 2 uses.

I can’t believe the GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse has helped me achieve whiter teeth with a very short application period. This is so good! So effective yet so gentle. I am making this a once-a-week treatment from now on to prevent future staining. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful product!

Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 50ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Package Includes: 1 x GLOSMILE™ Teeth Whitening Mousse

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