GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro


🌟 Meet the Hottest Toy of the Year: GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro🌟

GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

Experience an electrifying playtime adventure with the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro, an innovative fusion of technology and creativity that elevates interactive fun to new heights.

GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

  • 🧡 HyperTorque™ Dual Motors: Experience the thrill of shooting glowing strings at over 40 MPH, creating an awe-inspiring levitation effect in mid-air.
  • 💛 DuraGlow™ Strings: Comes with three UV-reactive strings in vibrant green, pink, and blue, adding a mesmerizing glow to your play.
  • 🩵 Built-In UV Blacklight: The 395nm wavelength blacklight illuminates the strings, making them appear to defy physics and bend light in the most enchanting way.
  • 💙 TouchAdjust™ Control Wheel: Gain complete control over your string’s speed and movement, allowing for a customizable and interactive experience.
  • 💜 USB-C QuickCharge: Enjoy all-day play with just 1 hour of charging, ensuring uninterrupted fun and creativity.

How to Use Your GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro

  • Step 1: Choose Your String
  • Step 2: Insert Your String Into The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro
  • Step 3: Turn It On!

GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro


  • What is the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro?
    • The GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro is an innovative toy that uses HyperTorque™ dual motors to shoot glowing strings at high speeds, creating a mesmerizing levitation effect.
  • How does the Control Wheel work?
    • The Control Wheel allows you to control the speed and movement of the glowing strings, offering a customizable play experience.
  • Is the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro safe for children?
    • Yes, it’s designed with safety in mind. However, we recommend supervision for younger children to ensure a safe play experience.
  • How long does the battery last on a single charge?
    • After a 1-hour USB-C QuickCharge, the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro typically offers hours of continuous play.
  • What colors do the DuraGlow™ Strings come in?
    • The strings are available in three UV-reactive colors: green, pink, and blue.
  • Is it suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
    • Yes, the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro can be used both indoors and outdoors. Just ensure there’s enough space to fully enjoy the experience.
  • How durable are the strings and motors?
    • The DuraGlow™ Strings and HyperTorque™ Dual Motors are built for durability and long-term use, ensuring countless hours of entertainment.
  • Can I purchase replacement strings?
    • Yes, replacement strings are available for purchase separately.
  • Is there a warranty for the GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro?
    • Yes, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please check our website or contact customer service for more details.


  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 5.6 x 13.6 cm | Weight: 89g
  • Contains: 1 x GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro, 3 x Hyper UV-reactive string in green, pink, and blue
  • Motors: Equipped with HyperTorque™ Dual Motors capable of propelling strings at speeds over 40 MPH.
  • Blacklight Feature: Built-in UV Blacklight with a 395nm wavelength for optimal string illumination.
  • Charging: USB-C QuickCharge port; 1-hour charge time for extended play.
  • Safety Features: Engineered with safety precautions for string speed and motor operation.
  • Usage: Recommended for indoor and outdoor play in spacious environments.
  • Age Group: Suitable for ages 8 and up.
  • Certifications: Meets standard toy safety certifications and regulations.
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GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro
GlowTwirl™ HyperString Pro
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