Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector


Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector
Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector

Get the best warmth and relief for your knees with the Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector! It can retain heat to keep your knees warm and relieve any knee or joint pain because of the graphene fabric!

Graphene fiber technology was awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics for its many different benefits! It gives the knee protector a stronger structure that helps it maintain its shape! And it can also retain heat and keep your knee warm for longer periods!

The benefits of graphene can also be felt throughout your knees. It can soothe knee strains, provide relief to sports injury, and even help the elderly with joint pain!

Feel better in your knees when you wear the Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector, as it helps stimulate blood circulation in the area, giving you more confidence in your step!

It’s also perfect if you love working out because it aids in releasing muscle tension in your knees, making your post-workout recovery feel much better and faster!

It’s ultra elastic and ensures a perfect fit for any body type! It has a comfort grip texture so that it doesn’t come off during activities. The Graphene fibers help it maintain its shape while being very comfortable!

The Graphene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector, has 2 variations you can pick from! You can choose from either short or long, depending on your preference!



S: Length: 49cm, Thigh Width: 30-38cm, Suitable Weight: 80-105kg
M: Length: 49cm, Thigh Width: 39-42cm, Suitable Weight: 105-125kg
L: Length: 49cm, Thigh Width: 43-48cm, Suitable Weight: 126-145kg
XL: Length: 49cm, Thigh Width: 49-53cm, Suitable Weight: 146-200kg
Material: Graphene, Far Infrared

Each Package Includes: 1 x Grap hene Heating Far Infrared Knee Protector
(Variants: Short, Long)