GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder

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Fond of growing your own garden but find it tricky to propagate plants? Here is the solution!

Here’s a well-known tip: just grow your own from existing ones effectively with very little effort using this GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting PowderYou will effectively propagate plants using an easy solution! Just dilute the powder in water to spray your leaf cuttings or to submerge seedlings and roots. This initiates rapid rooting and improves survival rate of transplanted plants.

Furthermore, this GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder is eco-friendly and non-toxic. With the help of this effective GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder, you need not frustrate on the complexities of plant propagation. Ensure the regeneration of your seedlings and cuttings with this proven solution!

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  • AA is involved in nearly every aspect of plant growth and development. Ensure the complexities of plant propagation. Rooting powder in water to spray your leaf cuttings or to submerge seedlings and roots. One product in particular, is our rooting hormone powder.
  • I’ve done a couple of test groups with”easy to propagate” plants and it really speeds up the rooting process ! Garden Safe brand take root rooting hormone grows new plants from cuttings
  • Usage:
  • Cutting: After dissolving 1-2 kg of water in each bag, soak the base of the sticks for 1-2 hours or add 150-200 grams of water and dip for 5-10 seconds.
  • Transplanting: Dissolve 1.5-2 kg of water in each bag and dip the roots for 1-2 hours.
  • Spray: each bag of water 10 kg in the young flower, young fruit spray twice each, interval once a week, to prevent flowering and fruit drop.
  • Irrigation: Watering 2 kg of watered bags into the soil, once every two months, can promote root growth.
  • Soaking: Each bag is 4-5 kg of water, soaking for 6-8 hours, remove and rinse after draining, can promote germination.

Rapid Rooting Powder,Best Rooting Hormone,Rooting Hormone Powder,Rooting Powder,Diy Rooting Hormone

GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder has the following product:

  • Weight: 15 g
  • Type: Powder
  • Package Includes: 2 x GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder
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GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder
GrowPro™ Rapid Rooting Powder