Hairish Secure Wig Gripper

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Hairish Secure Wig Gripper

Just wear to holds your wig securely!

Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper

Hairish Secure Wig Gripper is a multifunctional hair accessory that can hold your wig tightly in place with double-sided, non-slip quality beads. Keep your wigs from sliding ALL DAY LONG.
Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper

Ideal hair accessory for people who suffer from hair loss problems or chemo patients who are seeking for comfort and security.


  • Easy To Wear
    Just wear it within few seconds. No wig glues, tapes, hair pins or combs required.
Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper
  • Secure your Wig in place
    With silicone beans inside form a  non slip layer that can hold your wig or hair tight without loosing / dropping off.
Hairish™ Secure Wig Gripper
  • Seamless Transition
    Can be worn under any wigs, frontals, hats etc for an undetectable, seamless transition.
  • Quick Drying
    Velvet fabric is breathable and quick-drying to keep your wig fresh & odorless. Suitable for daily wear in any weather or in any type of physical activity.
  • Prevent Hair Loss
    Works as a barrier between your wig and scalp to prevent headaches & hair loss caused by prolonged wig wearing.
  • Multi-purposes
    Perfect for people who have hair loss problems or some chemo patients who try to seek comfort and security.
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