Handy Garage Hanger Pro

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Handy Garage Hanger Pro


Are you tired of clutter taking up space in your garage?

The Handy Garage Hanger Pro system is perfect for storing stuff out of the way in your garage.

The heavy-duty lift is ceiling-mounted for bike, kayak, and ladder storage to save space. Made with steel and premium nylon ropes, the Handy Garage Hanger Pro is durable and built-to-last.

The hooks are designed with a plastic coating to protect your items from scratches. The Handy Garage HangerPro, equipped with a safe locking mechanism, prevents anything you store from falling.


The Handy Garage HangerPro can hold up to 55 pounds.


The Handy Garage HangerPro is equipped with a safe locking mechanism preventing anything you store from falling.


The pulley system is easy to use – just attach the hooks to your item, lift, and lock.

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