Haunted house skull halloween decoration

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Haunted house skull halloween decoration

☠️☠️This wonderful framed 3D life size skeleton with pillar candle is a custom made, quality decoration that is ready to hang and grace your home.

Ready to hang and easily plug into any standard socket. 3 watt flashing bulb included.


Find the right place to hang this piece and you are going to adore it. As daylight fades and you switch on the candle, this framed 3D skeleton creates a mystical atmosphere that is ethereal and quite charming. In daylight, the quality of the item speaks for itself and is sure to attract admiring looks. Whilst this piece might first attract your attention while looking for Halloween decor, it is just too good to display only at Halloween.


This framed 3D skeleton is a quality item that will bring character and grace wherever it is placed. The detailed, life-size torso is quite mesmerising and the candle, particularly when lit, elevates this decor to a functional item. Create a perfect, ethereal mood and bring a touch of bare bones art you your home with this beautifully crafted, framed 3D skeleton with his own candle.

Haunted house skull halloween decoration


  • Unique Piece
  • 3D Life-Size Torso
  • Custom Made in USA
  • Ready to Hang
  • Large size at 16 1/2″ tall by 13 1/2″ wide by 5″deep
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Haunted house skull halloween decoration
Haunted house skull halloween decoration