Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks


Experience the comfort and the benefits of foot reflexology with the Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks. Made with scattered nanometer sizes tourmaline particles that work as acupuncture proved its ability for healing benefits particularly decreasing blood pressure on the spot.

It is a non-invasive method that helps to remove energy blockages and imbalances. This area points on foot are the best acupoint for lowering blood pressure. Applies pressure to different points on the bottom of the foot which correspond to different areas of the body & believed to have multiple therapeutic benefits for the body.

Aside from lowering blood pressure, it proved to reduce stress, aid digestion, and promote sound sleep. It can also keep the feet warm in cold temperatures. Made of high-quality polyester cotton that’s super soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and long-wearing.

Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks has the following product features:


  • Color: Black, White, Red
  • Size: One Size

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 or 2 pairs x Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks

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Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks
Healthlink™ Magnetic Therapy Socks
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