Herbal Fat Burning Spray

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Ready to rock with your hottest body without taking pills?

Our Herbal Fat Burning Spray is an all-natural, slimming fat burner to help lose weight healthily. Herbal Fat Loss Spray increases metabolism, and removes cellulite and subcutaneous body fats on the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, inner arms and more.

Specially formulated with powerful plant-based slimming active agents, Herbal Fat Burning Cream improves blood circulation and helps get rid of fat and swelling from all levels. It works to eliminate persistent cellulite to burn away unwanted fat cells and also prevent future fat accumulation and cellulite reoccurrence.

Simple spray, rub it in for 10 seconds, and enjoy the benefits! It also lets you sweat more to effectively burn extra calories when workout. With the quick penetrating effect, it absorbs in under a minute, leaving your skin tightened, hydrated and moisturized with no lingering residue.


Size: 30ml
Shelf Life: 36 Months


1pc x Herbal Fat Burning Spray

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Herbal Fat Burning Spray