Hidden Underarm Backpack

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This Hidden Backpack is Super Slim Looking and Perfect Fit! You Don’t Need to Worry about Pick Pockets on the Crowded Places Anymore.

The Hidden Underarm Backpack is a versatile anti-theft hidden underarm shoulder holster/tactical bag. It is designed to be worn discreetly under your clothes for the safe storage of your belongings. It provides you with double protection, hands-free convenience, and zero stress, for long-term comfort during a busy day.


  • Premium material. It is made of durable anti-scratch, waterproof soft nylon and breathable mesh, comfortable for wearing.

  • Adjustable shoulder strap. The telescopic shoulder belt allows it to be worn across the body. It is adjustable for different lengths.

  • Convenient anti-theft double-bag design. With three pockets on the front side + a breathable mesh big pocket on the back for storing your wallet, cellphone, tablet PC, keys, pen, passport, crash, MP3, Ipad and more.
  • Travel-friendly concealed security bag. Convenient and functional portability to carry your things with ease and safety, it is a great companion for you in working, going home, travel and business trips.

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Hidden Underarm Backpack