High-tech smart hair clipper-with 360-Degree rear-view camera

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High-tech smart hair clipper-with 360-Degree rear-view camera

This smart hair clipper is a must-have for every man!

It is the first, and only hair clipper with an integrated cameraso you can see exactly where you’re cutting in real time.

360-Degree Camera Viewing

Can l really cut my own hair?Yes you can!Smart hair clippers with a 360-Degree rear-view camera to cut your own hair at home like a pro.

View every angle of the head in real time

No mirrors, or guesswork needed. Simply pair smart hair clipper to your smartphone on the same Wi-Fi network, and unlock your inner barber.

Accurate and Fast

The use of high-end precision ceramic blades and the camera allows you to operate your own hairstyle without any difficulty, and can be trimmed to every place you want. The sharp blade can cut your hair quickly, showing smoothness and neatness without any blemishes.

Free to go, cut as you want

Do styling anytime, anywhere by achieving independence in beauty and eliminating the need to travel just for haircuts. It is expensive to make a styling casually in the barber shop. With this multi-functional hair clipper, you can easily achieve freedom of hair style.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our nearest barber shop may be very close to your home, but some people, such as those living in rural communities, may need to drive a long distance to see their barber. Some people we talked to had to drive for more than half an hour to get their hair cut.

High-end design

Electric professional hair clipper-designed for smooth, fast and precise trimming of all types of hair. The length and taper level of the length can be adjusted to help you create various hairstyles. The precision ceramic blades are used for gentle contact with the skin to avoid accidental damage to the skin surface. It is suitable for greasy heads, trimming and carving hair shapes.

Technical specifications

*Voltage: 10-240V / 50-60 Hz
*Running time: 100+ minutes cordless running time
*Battery: Rec.hargeable 3.7V lithium ion battery
*Blade: Material Precision Ceramic


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High-tech smart hair clipper-with 360-Degree rear-view camera