Hinge Repair Plate PRO (SUPERIOR)


Hinge Repair Plate PRO (SUPERIOR)

Hinge Repair Plate PRO (SUPERIOR)


The kitchen work cabinet is eroded by moisture, frequently switched on and off, or the quality of its own materials, etc., which lead to problems such as the hinges cannot be firmly fixed, tripped, and cannot be installed.

【BEAUTIFUL AND NEAT】 Cover the original damaged area to make it look beautiful.

【ONE THING FOR TWO】 Adopting hinge board technology, both door, and side panels can be used.

【MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL】 Fix the hinged stainless steel door panels together, and then convert the original fixed stress point into a stressed surface, to be more firm.
【DURABLE】 Strong durable design and classic finish make these interior door hinges a long lasting, distinguished addition to any home
【WIDE APPLICATION】The Straight Bracket can be used to build a frame or serve different types of furniture such as tables, beds, dresser, chairs, shelves etc.


Size 10cm*9cm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Material Stainless steel
Craft Fixed plate, hinge plate
Application Wooden door
Door opening angle 95°-110°

Package: 1 pc repair plate+6 self-tapping screws+6 cross combination machine tooth screws

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