Home™ Magic Quick Dry Mat


Its unique multi-layered design quickly traps, absorbs, and dries moisture. No more having to deal with gross, soggy bath mats – The HOME™ MAGIC QUICK DRY MAT has you covered!

HOME™ MAGIC QUICK DRY MAT absorbs water before it’s spread all over the bathroom floor – no more hazardous trails of water throughout the house! Not only does it absorb water quickly but it also dries fast, so you can say goodbye to gross, soggy bath mats once and for all! 

Traditional bath mats collect and hold dirt and bacteria, and never fully dry out which causes them to smell and collect mildew. HOME™ MAGIC QUICK DRY MAT is built with Quick Dry Technology, The inclusion of antimicrobial Quaternary ammonium salts effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. which can help prevent any mold, mildew, or unpleasant odor.

Home Magic Quick Dry Mat has the following product:

  • Small: 40cm x 60cm / 15.7in x 23.6in
  • Regular: 50cm x 80cm / 19.7in x 31.5in
Home™ Magic Quick Dry Mat
Home™ Magic Quick Dry Mat
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