Horrible Floor Mat

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Horrible Floor Mat


When you splash water on it, it looks just like real blood, super creepy.

It dries relatively quick and goes back to its original color. The “blood” will disappear after the bathroom rug dried. Hang to dry and watch the blood red colored stains disappear and fade back to white.

It can be used in various places, such as the kitchen, the living room, etc., which may bring unexpected effects, only you can’t think of it without it.

Stunning blood dripping color change effect – Try this world’s first BLOODY bathroom mat, a thin plastic reel, only inductive specifications, water – color change wet floor into the blood red stains.

Almost invisible thickness, their lives are hidden anywhere – let your boyfriend or girlfriend have the impact when leaving the blood stains left behind when used in showers. A very unique prank that you can hide almost anywhere.

Don’t be imitation of BLOODY Mats custom embroidery to draw footprints – experience that changing the blood pad by introwizard color can really turn red in wet environments.
Using a fabric with styling memory, it’s full of possibilities – and it will even roll itself up. Around the shape of the object, memory. For example, bend the surrounding corners on the wall, or thick carpets, and flatten them.

Buy more than one for the sensational effect – the layers of these almost invisible sheets are a little bigger side by side with a surprise blood bath towel!

Can be recycled – it will turn red when it meets water, and it will change back to its original state when the water is dry.

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