Hydro-Gun Washer Pro

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Effortless Cleaning by Trying Hydro-Gun Washer Pro!
Hydro-Gun Washer Pro

Clean the deep-seated and in-between dirt and refresh your house. Restore its lustre by using the Hydro-Gun Washer Pro.

Hydro-Gun Washer Pro

The Hydro-Gun Washer Pro works hard on removing dirt while being safe on surfaces with its 2 different nozzles. You can switch between powerfully removing deep-seated dirt with the jet sprayer nozzle and to rinsing off removed dirt with the fan action nozzle. Use them even on wanting to wash your car and watering your garden or plants.


  • Ultra-Boost High Pressure
    Effectively removes dirt and stain even on cracks and spaces on wood, bricks, wheels, and more, without damaging their surfaces.
    Hydro-Gun Washer Pro
  • 10 Meter High-Pressure Wash
    Strong spurt can emit waterup to 10 meters high without needing a ladder.
  • 2 Nozzle Modes
    • The jet nozzle turn the normal water pressure into a powerful water pressure that sprays out deep-seated dirt.
    • The fan action is a normal and gentle washer sprayer that can be used in rinsing off soaps and bubbles or watering your garden.
      Hydro-Gun Washer Pro
  • Restore Luster
    Jet nozzle effortlessly removes dirt and mould. It helps restore the lustre of your car and home.
  • Wide Use
    Can be used for washing your car, cleaning your home, and watering your garden and plants.
    Hydro-Gun Washer Pro


  • Materials: Copper, plastic
  • Colour: Black, silver
  • Weight: 430g
  • Size: 48cm X 5cm X 2.5cm
    Hydro-Gun Washer Pro


  • 1pc x Hydro-Gun Washer Pro
    Hydro-Gun Washer Pro
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Hydro-Gun Washer Pro
Hydro-Gun Washer Pro