IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring


IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

Revitalize your passion and improve your quality of life

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get or keep up the effort?
Back in 2018, we admitted to each other that we’ve been thinking the same thing.Why do we struggle with erections and sexual confidence as healthy men?
We’re tired of being bombarded with erection drug ads and know that pills make it worse. There had to be alternatives. Finding real solutions became our obsession.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

Erectile dysfunction, the inability to get or keep an erection during sexual activity, occurs when the erectile chambers are unable to produce and maintain a fully hard erection at high pressure.

Usually, sexual stimulation is enough to get things going, but men with ED have a hard time staying firm through ejaculation. Many things can contribute, such as age, high blood pressure (hypertension), vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, prostate cancer treatment, stress, certain antidepressants, certain spinal cord injuries, and more.

Our experts taught us 6 things every man should know about erection problems

1️⃣Erection problems can affect young people too. In fact, the majority of our 150,000 members are under 30 years old.
2️⃣40% of erection problems in men under the age of 85 are entirely psychological (which means it has nothing to do with testosterone levels).
3️⃣Erection drugs are not made for psychological erection problems. In fact, they can make it worse.
4️⃣pornography can affect your erection problems, but it is usually not the root cause.
5️⃣Poor sexual health is the root cause of psychosexual problems.
6️⃣75% of men who struggle with erection problems never seek any help. Good job!

Technological Innovation – A New Era of ED Magnetic Energy Rings

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

In 1992, experts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) defined erectile dysfunction as the lack of ability of the penis to achieve or maintain sufficient rigidity to accomplish a satisfactory sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most prevalent and difficult to treat conditions in SD. Sexual dysfunction is common in men of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study reported that 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from varying degrees of SD.In addition, epidemiologic evidence suggests that impotence affects 100,000 American men.

Use the ED Magnetic Energy Ring to help you build emotional communication and connection!

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

The ED Magnetic Energy Ring is a shift from a state of minimum perfusion relaxation to a state of congestion through magnetic therapy and the vascular system. It is mediated by a multifaceted continuum of neural and vascular components, plus hormonal and psychological factors. Through complex neural pathways consisting of somatosensory afferents to autonomic (cavernous) nerves, and supraspinal structures including the medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus and the paraventricular nucleus, magnetic therapy arousal stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that initiate erection.

We can use magnetic therapy to enhance the corpus cavernosum and increase testosterone levels, which improves sexual performance. Also, through the prefrontal cortex, it decreases sensitivity, which creates a deeper connection in intimate moments. You will experience deeper intimacy as she is drawn to the newfound sensations.

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

Over 350,000 men have chosen the ED Magnetic Energy Ring

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

Dr. Anthony Puopolo is a urologist with over thirty years of professional experience in urology

“I have been recommending the ED Magnetic Energy Ring to my patients and they have received excellent results. The ring works via magnetism, so it is completely safe and has no side effects. In fact, my patients report significant improvement in their erectile dysfunction! They say, “I feel more energized when I do physical activities,” “I don’t feel tired during the day,” and “My wife says she notices a difference in me.”

IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

You want something that works. That’s why we utilize the urological expertise of our medical consulting team to determine which ED treatments are available through our platform. Get started today and see if these proven, FDA-approved ED magnetic energy rings for erectile dysfunction can help rekindle your sex life.

Why Choose ED Magnetic Energy Rings?

✔  Powerful magnetic therapy
✔ Non-invasive
✔  Boosts blood circulation
✔  Improves sexual performance
✔ Regulates body energy balance
✔ Restores comfort and confidence
✔  Improves attractiveness
✔  Improve the quality of sexual life

Package Includes: 1 x IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

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IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring
IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring
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