INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set


INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set
INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set


INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set

Why pay for an expensive doctor’s visit when you can assess the situation at home?? Get your INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set! 

INNEAR Ear Cleaning Endoscope Set includes HD camera and 6 LED lights that provide ultimate clear vision in the ears. Comes with silicone ear picks and 3-in-1 plug to meets all your demands. Solves your earwax problem in the most perfect and safest way!


  • Ultra-Slim Lens:
    The diameter 5.5mm mini camera helps easily get into many “hard-to-reach”.

  • High Resolution & 360 ° Recognition
    640*480P camera can get ultra-clear image, makes your ear examination and ear wax removal much easier with more fun

  • IP67-Level Waterproof
    Meets with IP67 waterproof level, supporting for working underwater. Easy to clean with water or wipe with alcohol

  • Adjustable LED Light:
    With built-in 6 LED lights that improves image brightness and clarity even in dark condition.

  • 3-In-1 Multifunction Plug:
    Combines USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, working with iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablet, PC and more.

  • Most Considerate Accessories
    4 different ear cleaning accessories to meets all your daily demands
  • Multifunctional:
    Works great for your as well. And it is a great inspection camera for eyes, nose, oral, skins and more.


  • Length of Cable: 2 m
  • Camera Focus: 1.5 cm
  • Format of Video: AVI
  • Format of Photo: JPEG
  • Film Per Second: 30
  • Support: USB, Micro-USE, Type-C


  • 1x Ear Endoscope Camera
  • 4x Cleaning Accessories
    • 1x Protective Case
    • 1x Kid Stick
    • 1x Adult Stick
    • 1x Extended stick