InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad


InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

The abdominal muscles are located between the ribs and the pelvis on the front of the body. The abdominal muscles support the trunk, allow movement and hold organs in place by regulating internal abdominal pressure.

The deep abdominal muscles, together with muscles in the back, make up your ‘core’ muscles and help keep your body stable and balanced, and protects your spine.

Is it bad to be overweight or to have visceral fat?

Visceral Fat more common in men, is found deeper inside your stomach, under your abdominal muscles and around your vital organs. Being overweight or to have this is dangerous it has been linked to heart disease.

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad is new technology provide vibrations that work your muscles and help you get in the shape you want. This ABS stimulator abdominal can help to tone, tighten, and strengthen your body muscle. With15 minutes of use of the device twice a day, you are going to see good results.

This Abs Training Pad can help to tone, tighten and strengthen your body muscles. You can gain a better figure after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months. Light, ultra thin, wearable, and convenient to carry on. Body fit pad can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes. Making it ideal for muscle training supreme quality with easy to use you van use this InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad anytime, anywhere. It’s for body muscle training and weight loss.

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad Consist of 2 Major Key Effect

  1. Muscle Toning
  2. Fat Burning

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

Muscle toning is achieve by getting a continuous and passive-partial contraction of the muscle or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during the resting state. Precisely timed electrical pulses are sent to the nerve supplying the target muscle. These pulses act as a message, telling the muscle fibers to ‘contract’. The muscle fibers contract in much the same way as if the message had come from the brain.

Whereas in conventional muscle contraction signals are sent from the motor cortex area of the brain. These signals travel down along the spinal cord. Signals go to the intended muscle by means of the peripheral nervous system. Once at the muscle, the signals result in muscle activation/contraction. We just by-pass the brain and spinal cord and send the signals to the nerves directly over the muscle! Signals are sent via the gel pads. Signals activate the nerves. Nerves switch on the muscles.

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad has numerous benefits, it accelerates your weight loss, regulates your cholesterol levels and can achieve fat burning too. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. And, it even increases your mental focus, eliminates hunger pangs, stabilizes your blood glucose levels and achieving better skin conditions.

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad Special Features

  • Improve abdominal muscles.
  • Pad is comfortable and well suited to the contours of your skin.
  • Directly stimulate and exercise muscles.
  • High-tech unit with a wireless controller and 360 degrees unobstructed.
  • High intelligent chip sensitivity to ensure reliable and reliable wireless reception.
  • Easy and convenient operation using the method.InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad
  • How To Use:
    1. Always wash the area of your body where you intend to use the adhesive gel pads.
    2. Pull the pads off the vinyl cover by gripping the pads.
    3. Attach the other adhesive gel pad to a desired part of the body.
    4. Turn on the switch and set the mode.


    1. Do not attach it with “power on”, because for shocking.
    2. Don not touch attach side of adhesive pad, it make decreasing using time.

Product Details: InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad

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InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad
InShape™ Discrete EMS Abs Training Pad
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