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Stick & Instant lift up perfectly!

Bra Straps are never friends with the backless and strapless outfit. Now here is your life-saving solution – Insta-Lifter.

Insta-Lifter is designed to provide you with the perfect perk strapless experience. Tho it’s strapless, its strong stickiness grants you the secure and comfortable feeling. So you can rock your favourite outfit without worrying about the bra straps peeking out, or heavy burden on your shoulders. These bras are made of medical-grade silicone which is washable and reusable.


  • Instant Push Up:
    Get the ultimate lift-loving push-up effect.
  • Ideal For Any Outfit:
    Your favourite backless and strapless outfit will no longer be ruined by the annoying bra straps.
  • Secure:
    The strong stickiness keeps the bras in place all day and all night. No Slipping!
  • Comfortable:
    Without the burden on your shoulder from the straps, you can easily maintain the best posture and stay elegant.
  • Fit Different Body Types:
    They fit any types of body shape. Everyone deserves this comfort and sexiness.
  • Reusable:
    You can use them over and over again. Just rinse them with water afterwards.
  • Medical Grade Silicone:
    Suitable for all skin types, including, sensitive skin.
  • Ideal For Any Outfit:
    Free to cut your desire length, and can fit to any outfit without showing the edge.
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